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Frequently Asked Questions for Guests

When is cleaning done?

A detailed cleaning is always done before each new arrival.  Daily cleans can be scheduled for a small fee.  If you are interested in having daily cleans during your stay, please contact our office to make arrangements.

What is provided for me?

Kitchen necessities have been provided for you use in each unit.  The unit will have basic dishware, cookware and utensils.  If you ever have a question about whether a specific item is available for your use, please do not hesitate to call; we keep an up to date inventory list of each unit for reference. Sheets, bed linens and towels will also be provided for your comfort and convenience.

What do I need to bring?

We recommend you bring your own beach towels, so that the towels in the unit can be used within the unit.  We do not require our rooms to have hair dryers; we suggest you bring your own, or you can contact the office to make arrangements for a rental while you are in town.  Toiletries, paper towels, coffee and coffee filters, and trash bags are not provided.  Please feel free to contact the office with any questions.

Where can I go to the beach?

The Myrtle Beach/North Myrtle Beach area provides many public access parking areas.  Several of these public accesses also have bathroom and shower facilities.  For a specific location nearest your complex, please call the office and we will be happy to give you our local beach tips.

Is there a washer/dryer onsite?

Laundry facilities are located on-site.  Detergent is not provided.

What are the resort parking policies?

Parking policies may vary by season and resort. For questions, please contact the office at: 877-499-1573.

What time is Check-In and Check-Out?  Is there anyways to schedule an early Check-In or late Check-Out?

Check-In is at 4 PM.  Check-Out is at 10AM.  Early Check-Ins or late Check-Outs can be arranged for a small fee based on availability.  To make arrangements, please contact our office, at 877-499-1573.

Are handicap units available?

All units are individually owned, therefore each unit is different.  For unit specifics, please contact our office, at 877-499-1573.

What is Southern Hideaways cancellation policy?

If a reservation is cancelled more than 30 days prior to the check-in date, the reservation will be refunded in full.  If the cancellation is less than 30 days prior to check-in, the $200 deposit will not be returned.  However, that deposit can be applied toward another Southern Hideaways reservation within 1 year of check-in date.

Are airport shuttles available?

Amenities, such as airport shuttles, vary by season and resort. For questions, please contact the office at: 877-499-1573.


Frequently Asked Questions for Vacation Home Owners

Why Southern Hideaways?

At Southern Hideaways, we understand what owners need and want.  We are willing to go above and beyond to achieve owner objectives.  We want to provide owners income on their vacation property while still preserving its value.  With standardized procedures, we will ensure that your unit is being properly cleaned and maintained.  Southern Hideaways will also use creative marketing techniques to reach out to new and returning guests.  

How can I keep track of what’s happening in my unit?

Southern Hideaways offers many ways of keeping up with your unit.  Each owner will have their own username and password to access their own owner’s page at any time.  This owner page allows each homeowner to view all sorts of information about their unit.  All information on the owner page is updated automatically.  Whenever changes are made in our system, it will immediately be reflected on the owner’s page.  An owner can view owner information, an annual calendar of rentals, monthly statements, up to date income and expense information for the current month, view maintenance information, maintenance status, and maintenance cost.  An owner can also reserve their unit from the owner page.      

What advantages do electronic locks offer?

Electronic locks eliminate problems with duplicating hard keys and lockouts.  There are two types of electronic locks that we offer.  Both locks allow entry by code rather than key.  Entry codes can be changed prior to each reservation.  This helps us ensure the guest’s check-in procedures are as easy as possible.  The keyless electronic locks also guarantee that there are no problems with key replication by guests.  We can assign a code for housekeeping, maintenance, inspectors, staff, and guests.  

How is cleaning done?

Our standard procedure is to clean each unit before every arrival.  Cleaning is one of the key components of doing business in this industry.  Because cleaning is so important, our company has designed a standardized procedure to ensure that all units are in equal or better condition than they arrived in.  We will have a contracted cleaner to do the primary detailed cleaning.  The cleaner will have a comprehensive cleaning list they will have to complete before moving on to the next unit.  After the cleaner has finished, an inspector from Southern Hideaways will go behind and inspect cleaning and do a quick inventory check.  This will help ensure that our cleaners are doing the very best job as well as keep track of your inventory.

What do I need in my unit?

We have created a suggested inventory list for all owners.  For a copy of this list, please contact the office.

Do I have to pay advertising costs?

No, Southern Hideaways will do all marketing necessary for rentals.  Not only will we do the advertising necessary, but we also plan to be creative in our marketing to reach new customers, create group travel packages, and entice past guests back.

How often can I use my unit?

At Southern Hideaways, we strongly feel that the property is always your unit.  We are merely here to help facilitate rentals and maintenance when you are not using your unit.  Although we ask that you give us adequate time to find alternate accommodations if your unit is rented during the time you are visiting, we will never discourage you from using YOUR unit.  In the unlikely case that we cannot find comparable accommodations for the reservation in your unit, we will make sure to provide you with an equivalent unit at no additional cost to you.           

How do I reserve my unit?

There are many ways to reserve your unit.  First, you can email us the reservation information at  For each reservation, we will need to know if you are booking for yourself or a guest.   If you are reserving for a guest, we ask that you clarify if you want to charge your guest a rental rate.  Rental rates for your guests are completely optional; however if you do decide to charge your guest, taxes and cleaning fees will be added to the price of the rental.  When rental rates are charged to guests, we will need to have the contact information for the guest so that we can arrange payment.  For each reservation we will also need to know if you will be cleaning the unit or if you would like Southern Hideaways to clean for you.  You can also reserve your unit by using your Owners Web Link.  Finally, you can always call our office and one of our trained customer service representatives will assist you in reserving your unit.  



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